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230volt 1&3 phase
Internal dimensions 584mm(23”)diam x 457mm(18”)high
External dimensions 933mm(36.75")diam x 762mm(30")high
122litres 4.3cf
8.5kW single phase 37.0amps, three phase 12.3amps (note this
version has increased power over original)
6 elements
2 regulators (optional)
Shipping weight 70Kg



Silver top-loading electric kilns are manufactured by Potclays in Stoke-on-Trent.Sandwich wall construction comprising 75mm brick thicknessinside 5mm of ceramic paper, housed in an extra-thick,mirror-finished stainless steel case. Vent plugs in sides andlid. Separate reversible base. Stand with castor wheels. Lidoperated safety switch and element power-on lights fitted intoswitchbox for good diagnostics. Lifting handles fitted. Topquality thermocouple (priced separately) and Kanthal elementsfitted. A separate wall mounting control box houses a Firemaster 5; a second wallbox houses energy regulators controlling separate zones of thekiln; power-on light, zone energy regulator cycling lights;contactor(s) and accessory circuit fuse(s). Both wall boxes areready wired to the kiln and only require mounting to a wall.Strongly constructed for long life and low maintenance. The extraceramic paper and the separate wall mounting control box aremajor features of Silver kilns. The 5mm paper keeps the kilncooler and the wall boxes allow all important electricalcomponents to work in a cooler environment to ensures goodreliability. They are also more convenient to use and reduce installation costs since the power cable to the kiln is alreadyfitted.

S43 Top-loading kiln, complete with T/C & Hobbymaster 4 controller

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