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TE-MCC+ Toploader Series

The solid TE-MCC+ kilns are suitable for many applications from glass processing at 600°C to stoneware at 1250°C.

This kiln series has been designed for applications in schools and kindergartens, as well as for artists and hobby workshops. The MCC+ series offers most possible fl exibility for artistic applications with ceramics and glass due to its wide range of temperatures.

In addition to the extensive equipment and the high-quality workmanship of our toploaders we would also like to point out the following features:



All kiln models can be disassembled for transport into up to four compact pieces. All kiln parts are equipped with ergonomically designed devices for transport. It is possible to have the single parts transported to almost any desired location by only two persons. Even if you encounter a narrow passage, for a TE 300 a door width as little as 55 cm is sufficient.


Four models of the TE-MCC+ series can be extended by 50 % at any time by simply inserting a so-called supplementary ring (ZWR).

  • TE 75 MCC+ can be extended to 110 litres
  • TE 100 MCC+ can be extended to 150 litres
  • TE 130 MCC+ can be extended to 190 litres
  • TE 200 MCC+ can be extended to 300 litres

    Insert the ring, plug in the kiln and continue working with 50 % more space. The kiln that meets your requirements at any time!

Turnable kiln stand

After a safe delivery this ROHDE designed kiln stand enables you to adjust the toploader to an improved working height. It makes loading and unloading the firing chamber less strenuous for your back.


Rohde TE 150 MCC Plus + electric toploading kiln

  • 1320°C




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