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Toploaders Ecotop series

The ECOTOP series is a newly designed and developed kiln model among our range of toploading kilns. ECOTOP kilns are most energy-saving kilns and are outstanding in their energy efficiency due to a new insulating concept.

The three-layer insulation structure consists of a 15 mm high-quality, microporous back insulation which allows firing up to usual stoneware temperatures with a regular 230 volt supply (German grounded plug 3.6 kW).

Special features:

  • Final temperature 1320°C granted with 3.6 kW / 230 Volts for Ecotop 60
  • Three-layer wall structure with microporous insulation panel
  • Significant increase in energy efficiency, e.g. you can save up to 20% energy with an Ecotop 60 compared to a TE 60 MCC+
  • Silent and wearless SSR with exterior cooling element
  • Ergonomic working position due to ROHDE turnable kiln stand
  • Comfortable and exact kiln controller TC 304 (standard equipment)

Rohde kilns are delivered directly from the Rohde warehouse therefore will be showing as out of stock on our website. Please place an order regardless and we will contact you regarding delivery. Usually no more than 4 weeks.



All deliveries MUST be checked before signing. A ‘clear’ signature indicates acceptance of the delivery in good condition. If any issues are subsequently discovered, Rohde/Potclays will not be held responsible. The following procedure must be adhered to:

1. Check the goods by opening the box and examining it for damage; if damaged, sign – damaged

2. If the shock-watch is red, sign as shock-watch activated regardless of what the subsequent checking reveals

3. If there is a small empty box on top of the consignment (usual on top loaders) and it is flattened make a note, box damaged.

4. If it is not possible to open the kiln box (in the presence of the delivery driver) to check the goods, sign as unchecked. Just because the box looks OK, the goods may not be OK.

5. Essentially unless you are really sure (by checking) that the goods are undamaged there should be a note on the receiving papers, either unchecked, shock-watch activated or box damaged.

Rohde Ecotop 43 L electric toploading kiln 13Amp

  • 1320°C




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