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Top quality elements
Fitted with electric controller
kiln stand included
Furniture set & Batt wash included
Compact, easy to operate and reliable kilns that range from the 1314 and 1418L models operating from a 13amp power socket to the 1818HT and 1818 models which can be wired to a cooker circuit. Comes fitted with an automatic firing controller.

All Etruscan kilns are manufactured by potclays with a strong, polished stainless steel frame, 75 mm of high temperature refractory brickwork, a brick lid and reversible base disc.


KilnMax TemperatureCapacityInternal Dia' X HeightExternal Dia' X HeightWeightElectrical Supply
1418L1150°44 Litres
349 x 457mm
(13.75 x 18")
508 x 762mm
(20 x 30")

Potclays Etruscan 1418 low temp with controller

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