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The Heatmaster heavy industrial Front Loading Kiln is ideal for, professional studios, colleges and universities where reliability and durability are essential.
Constructed from low thermal mass insulation brick with two high grade backup insulation boards, the roof is a traditional curved arch construction again with two layers of backup insulation, enclosed within a 2mm zintec steel powder coated frame.
Kanthal A1 spiral wound elements are used to heat the kiln. The elements are graded and located in grooves on the side walls and floor of the kiln for uniform heat distribution throughout the chamber.
Heatmaster Kilns are CE marked and have Castell interlocks which break full load before opening the kiln, complying with both UK and European legislation.
Potterycrafts Heatmaster kilns have dual two contactors giving greater security against over-fires, when used in conjunction with Potterycrafts Kiln controllers.
Type 'R' thermocouples fitted as standard on UK kilns.
Adjustable clasp door locks fitted.

Heatmaster 300lt 20kW (3ph) 1300°C

  • 300 litres (10.6 cu ft).

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