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Chamber volume 232 litres 8.2ft3
Chamber Dimensions (W, D, H) 457x508x978mm (18x20x38.5”)
External dimensions 800x965x1619mm (31.5x38x63.75”)
Power Rating 13.5kW
Maximum Amps three phase=19.6, single phase=58.7
Weight 410kg





Gold front loading kilns are very durable,reliable and exceptionally efficient productionkilns of high performance for school orindustrial use. They are constructed from thelatest high temperature insulation refractoriescomprising an ultra-efficient brick hot face andback-up insulation to give a 150mm thick wallof exceptionally low conductivity. This ensuresextremely low heat loss, very low externaltemperatures and amazingly low firing costs.

Elements, in highest grade Kanthal for longlife and fast, economical performance up to1300oC, are fitted to both side walls andhearth.


The robust angle iron framework featuring anintegral stand houses ventilated sheet steelpanels which are treated with corrosionresistant paints and very attractively finished in grey and black.

One large spy hole is fitted as standard into the door (multiple holes tospecial order only) and a large vent in the roof.

Gold Kiln GK82 Front-loading Kiln onl

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