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Chamber volume 270 litres 9.5ft3

Chamber Dimensions (W, D, H) 533x546x978mm 21.0x21.5x38.5

”External dimensions 800x965x1619mm 31.5x38.0x63.75

”Power Rating 16.8kW

Maximum Amps single phase=70.0, three phase=23.3

Weight 400kg

EP kilns combine the great durability of the 'Gold' kiln design (and have the same robust angle iron construction and hot facebrick work) but using a 115mm wall thickness.

This gives a lower capital cost and a quicker cooling rate: factors which will be appreciated in busy production situations.EP kilns can be seen to give a very good capacity/price ratio. One large spy hole is fitted as standard into the door (multiple holes to special order only) and a large vent in the roof


The kilns are attractively spray finished in grey. 

EP95 Front-loading Kiln only

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