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Chamber volume 206 litres 7.3ft3
Chamber Dimensions (W, D, H) 533x546x749mm 21.0x21.5x29.5”
External dimensions 800x965x1619mm 31.5x38.0x63.75”
Power Rating 12.0kW
Maximum Amps 52.5 (single phase), 17.5amps 3 phase
Weight 340kg
For furniture set see code 8206EP73

EP kilns combine the great durability of the
'Gold' kiln design (and have the same robust
angle iron construction and hot face
brickwork) but using a 115mm wall thickness.
This gives a lower capital cost and a quicker
cooling rate: factors which will be appreciated
in busy production situations.

EP kilns can be seen to give a very good
capacity/price ratio. One large spy hole is fitted
as standard into the door (multiple holes to
special order only) and a large vent in the roof.
See page 60 of printed catalogue for kiln ventilation and protective cages.
The kilns are attractively spray finished in grey.

EP73 Front-loading Kiln only

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