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The EP kilns combine great durability and fantastic value for money. Angle iron construction - maximum strength for ultimate durability Hot face brickwork - 115mm thick walls of high tech insulating bricks Fast cooling - perfect for busy studios or schools Custom colours - just ask for your favourite colour Kanthal elements - Hand wound from A-1 ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy, we only use the best brand materials Wall mounted controller - easy access 1 or 3 phase electricity - we can wire your kiln to suit your supply Support - 80 years of experience and a 3 year limited warranty, Potclays are there for you Chamber Dimensions (W, D, H)External DimensionsPower RatingMaximum AmpsWeight 533x673x978mm21 x26.5x38.5" 800x965x1676mm31.5x38 x66" 19.5kW single phase=81.2, three phase=27.1 480Kg Health & Safety Considerations As one might expect the positioning of the kiln will need to be considered from a safety perspective and measures will need to be taken in respect of ventilation and the prevention of accidents. An ideal position is in a dedicated, well ventilated, kiln room which can be locked to prevent unauthorised access. Should you require a kiln cage within which to contain the kiln we can of course provide a quotation on request. witch

EP117 Front-loading Kiln only