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Since the introduction of the CK College range of Kilns some 15 years ago, its versatility has resulted in it becoming one of the most popular ranges of kilns used in schools today.

The CK College’s standard adjustable top and bottom heating zones were specifically designed to compensate for the variances in ware density and load configurations that are a common occurrence with classroom pottery.

This allows the operator to finely balance the kiln resulting in or a more consistent firing and virtually eliminating top or bottom over firings or under firings.

Each College kiln is still built to the robust standards of traditional front loading kilns whilst utilising the latest lightweight brick linings and superior grade Kanthal(A1-SH) heating elements. This provides the benefits of high build quality and durability combined with economical operating costs.

 College kilns have a peak maximum firing temperature of 1300°C, however if regular firing to 1300°C and heavy use is anticipated, an “industrial grade chamber lining” is offered (optional extra) with the benefit of a harder wearing chamber brick and a maximum firing temperature of 1350°C






Special Features include


  • Top and bottom zoned heating elements with infinitely adjustable balance
  • Wide choice of programmable temperature controllers connected via harting socket
  • HSE Compliant safety door interlock
  • Additional facility to padlock door
  • Optional upgrade to long-life industrial grade 1350°C firing chamber
  • Energy efficient “fibresafe” door seal
  • Stainless steel overdoor heat deflector
  • Lockable spy-hole in door
  • Twin heavy duty control contactors
  • Numerous customisation options available


CK College CK120

  • 460mm wide x 460mm deep x 580mm high








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