Pottery Kilns & Equipment Supplies; Kiln Servicing, Kiln Health & Safety Audits and Teacher Training for Schools & Colleges; Clays & Glazes etc supply for Educational & Studio / Hobby Potters.

Hobby Kilns


The Aurora is cased in stainless steel and has a high grade brick firing chamber and brick lid with a ‘Super-Wool’ seal. Also included are high performance elements for low cost firing and castors for ease of movement. The kiln price includes a furniture set and there is a choice of electronic controllers


The larger Comet kiln is lightweight and easy to use. Constructed from stainless steel with a high grade brick chamber and lid, the kiln comes complete with a furniture set and a choice of electronic controllers. The Comet also incorporates double bung ventilation and mobility castors.


HAWK 25 & 40

Both kilns are designed to fire to 1300˚C and are supplied with a choice of internal digital programe controllers, have high grade spiral wound elements, HASAW compliant lid switches and castors for ease of moving.



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