Pottery Kilns & Equipment Supplies; Kiln Servicing, Kiln Health & Safety Audits and Teacher Training for Schools & Colleges; Clays & Glazes etc supply for Educational & Studio / Hobby Potters.


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Our History

Celtic Kilncare Ltd. originated in 1974 as Instrument Services in Newport, becoming incorporated as Celtic Kilncare Ltd.in 1992. Our core business remains supply, installation, service/maintenance and Health & Safety audit of electric pottery kilns and equipment for trusts, government agencies,education authorities and studio/hobby potters throughout the UK.

The company is lead by a team of professional engineers with qualifications and experience covering Electrical engineering, Instrument/Control engineering, Mechanical engineering and Health & Safety Management, with each discipline being directly applied to the safe installation, maintenance and use of pottery equipment, within schools,colleges and studios etc.

Our business and this website are split into four principle categories of activity namely:-

  • Teacher Training for the Safe Use of Pottery Kilns
  • Pottery Kiln and Equipment service/maintenance, repairs and Health& Safety Audits.
  • Pottery Kiln and Equipment Sales and Installation (inc.removals and relocation).
  • Consumables Sales(clays, glazes, materials,tools etc.)

Other specialist services include newbuild classroom and equipment feasibility studies, kiln power supply surveys, kiln relocations, kiln disposal, kiln suspect asbestos and RCF surveys and kiln incident investigation reports.

Celtic Kilncare Ltd. remain fiercely independent and proud of it and with 40 years of experience are able to service and repair virtually every model of kiln both present and past and can supply and/or give impartial advice on kilns and equipment from the majority of the current leading manufacturers.

Our service is prompt,professional and extremely courteous; however we do not make our own claims of being the “best” or “second to none”; we believe that to be the prerogative of our numerous clients who have relied upon us for almost four decades!



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